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Migration to another country in pursuit of ones’ dreams has been a choice to many. In today’s era, boundaries are getting blurrier between countries and between people with help of many sources and pathways. Collaborations are much easier today. Conducting business in a new country is an easier proposition with many countries being open to the idea. You could choose to relocate to a different country with the purpose of either offering one’s skills to contribute towards economic development or for setting up a business which generates employment opportunities for the locals of the country. However, what is required to successfully migrate to another country is the channel you choose.

XIPHIAS Immigration was set up with a goal to provide clean clear and stress-free migration solutions to all those who intend to migrate to realize their dreams. We are the top immigration firms in Dubai and we extend our support for you to migrate to any country of your choice. Migrations, relocations and investments in a new country are difficult proposition. The documentation is a tedious process. However, we are here to make things easier for you. XIPHIAS Immigration has a system in place which engages knowledgeable and experienced personnel who would make things easier for you and your loved ones when migrating. We are located in Dubai and in many cities across the country. Take a look at few services which we provide

Skilled Migrations

Quality skilled professionals are always a requirement for businesses across the globe. Countries like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etcetera invite skilled professionals who can fill in their job vacancies. XIPHIAS Immigration has served thousands of aspirants to help them relocate to countries of their choice as skilled professionals. We are registered immigration agents for Canada and Australia and thus applications submitted through us are given a preferential status. Every country has multiple pathways to accommodate the requirements of individuals looking to relocate. It is important to identify the right immigration pathway suitable for you. We provide tailor made solutions for you to successfully relocate to the country.

Investment Visa

Cross-border investments are significantly important for all those who love to invest either to expand their business horizons or to expand their investments in real estate. The right returns is what matters. We are a team of international investment experts who can provide right solutions for your requirement to invest in the country of your choice. XIPHIAS believes in building relationships and thus has enough connections and networks in most countries possible. We provide you with both investment and networking solutions. We provide assistance in both Business Investments as well as Real estate investments.

Corporate services

Multi-national Companies have operations happening in multiple countries around the world. They will need their personnel to travel to different countries based on the demand of the business. XIPHIAS Immigration is equipped to serve corporates to help them set up their branch in a new country, help the corporate’s personnel travel across the world and also take any legal service pertaining to the running of the corporation. We help you take your venture to the global level.

The above mentioned are just a glimpse of the many services that XIPHIAS Immigration provides for our clients. We strongly believe in providing the right solutions that are tailor made for the immigration and investment aspirants while ensuring to abide by the rules and regulations set by the country where you intend to relocate to. We provide a detailed evaluation for you to understand which immigration pathway would best suit you while also helping you evaluate the best country to migrate to. We are a team of dedicated expat specialists who intend to provide the right dimension for migrant aspirants and investors.

Check out the Countries


Citizenship by investment

One of the best pathways to become a citizen of European union is Cyprus' Citizenship by investment Program. XIPHIAS with its strong team of international investment expert consultants and solicitors has enough relations maintained in CYPRUS to help you decide the best investment opportunities there.


EB5 Investment Visa

US is the economic capital of the world. Becoming part of the growing US community is everyone's dream. As an investor and entrepreneur what else could satisfy other than investing in the huge markets in USA and perpetually becoming a permanent resident there. US EB-5 Program is specially designed for you high net-worth individuals who would want to explore the waters in USA. XIPHIAS can walk you through the whole process as would be needed.


Individual Investor

The First citizenship by investment program in Europe was started by Malta. This program is recognized by the European Commission. Malta as a country is rich in heritage and culture. Malta boosts of stable growing economy and strong political system. XIPHIAS Immigration with its vast experience and business relations in Malta can work with you to help you identify the best investment options possible and the immigration process further


Startup Visa

Canada's Start-up Visa Program is designed to facilitate immigrant entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, skills and strong potential to build businesses in Canada. Such startups need to create job opportunities for locals in Canada. Such startup should have the potential to scale globally. XiPhias Immigration provides ample support to such entrepreneurs in the whole process which includes getting local business house support for your start up idea.


Visa 188E

Australia has been welcoming Business enthusiasts and entreprenuers looking to invest in Australia's any startup or running business through their Sub Class 188E. Through this investment, the entreprenuer will explore Australia's business environment and also earns his/her permanent resident permit. XIPHIAS, a MARA registered firm, will guide you through the whole process of investing and obtaining your visa to Australia.


Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu, the archipaleago in the PAcific ocean has come up with their Citizenship by Investment Program to aid follow of donations into the country. Through such foreign funds, Vanuatu aims to complete their unfinished development projects within the country. Vanuatu's President himself provides guarantee to such an investment. Vanuatu's passport ensures your travel to 150+ countries without the need for VISA.


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To continuously exceed expectations of our trusted clients and deliver premier, personalized advisory experience that is simple and results in empowering the clients and their families.

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To be widely recognised as a premier advisory firm by rendering expert counsel to empower clients and their families in the entire process of being a global citizen.

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We base our value system on a strong foundation of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Collaboration and Accountability to empower our continuous growth and development.

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