Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

This is a quota-based scheme. It was set up to attract highly skilled or talented professionals to settle in Hong Kong. Through this program, the Hong Kong Government seeks to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness. You need not have a job offer to enter Hong Kong.

However, to be eligible under this stream, you need to fulfill a set of pre-requisites before you can be awarded points under one of the two point-based tests

  • General Points Test or
  • Achievement-based points test.

IF successful, you may bring your spouse or other party who is legally in union with you in accordance with the local law. You can also bring your unmarried children who are under the age of 18 years to Hong Kong provided you are capable to support them financially and accommodate your dependents without relying on public assistance in Hong Kong.

The Scheme is not applicable to nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Nepal and Vietnam.

Selection Process

The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme follows a 5 stage process.

Stage 1: Prerequisites

The board has laid down few prerequisites which every applicant needs to satisfy. Below are listed the same

  • Age- You need to be 18 years and above while submitting the application form.
  • Financial requirement – You must be able to prove your financial capacity to support and accommodate yourself and your dependents without having to rely on the public assistance during his/her stay in Hong Kong.
  • Good character- You should not have any criminal record or adverse immigration record in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  • Language proficiency- You should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English.
  • Basic educational qualification- You must be able to provide documentary proofs for your educational background, your technical qualifications and professional abilities. You need to show your experience letters as a proof of your capabilities.

Under any circumstance, if you fail to provide satisfactory supporting documents to prove the above prerequisites, there is a high possibility that your application will not be processed further and could be rejected further on. PLEASE SEE- THE DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION has the absolute discretion to award points under the two points-based tests. XIPHIAS Immigration, can only help you process the documents for Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme from Dubai, in the best possible way and support your case with an efficient lawyer.

Stage 2: Points-based test

If you have met all the prerequisites, you can now choose to be assessed either under the General Points Test or the Achievement Based Points Test.

There are 6 point-scoring factors under the General Points Test

  • Age
  • Academic and Professional Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Your profession is part of the talent list
  • Language Proficiency
  • Family background

The prevailing minimum passing marks under this test is 80.

The Achievement Based Points Test

This test can used by individuals with exceptional talent or skills and who have had outstanding achievements to their credit. Such individuals can choose to be assessed under this test. It is high requirement test. If you fall under such individuals category, then you need to meet one of the criteria listed below and get awarded by 225 points. In case of not being able to satisfy the below criteria, your application will be refused immediately.

  • You should have received an award of exceptional achievement (e.g. Olympic medals, Nobel prize, national/international awards); or
  • You can show that your work has been acknowledged by your peers and you have contributed significantly to the development of the field you are in (e.g. lifetime achievement award from industry).

Stage 3: Selection exercise

This exercise is done on a regular basis by the Hong Kong Immigrations. During such exercise, applicants who satisfy the prerequisites and the Minimum Passing Marks under either General Points test or Achievement based Points test, will be ranked according to their scores. High scoring applicants will be further shortlisted for assessment. As it takes time to process applications, applicants may regard their applications as being under processing unless they receive a notification of otherwise, from the Immigration Department.

Stage 4: Approval-in-principle

If you have been allotted a quota in the selection exercise, you will be issued with an Approval-in-principle letter and it would be necessary for you to go to Hong Kong to attend an interview in person and present your original documents for verification.

Stage 5: Issue of visa/entry permit

If all original documents are satisfactorily verified and all relevant application procedures are finalized, successful applicants will be issued with a visa/entry permit under the Scheme for staying in Hong Kong.

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