Ontario Business Investment Immigration

The Ontario PNP program, as mentioned above, is meant to invite financially well-off immigrants with a well-thought-out business plan and intention to establish their own business in Ontario. The main target of the Ontario business immigration stream tends to be experienced business owners and senior business managers who want to settle in Ontario. This is one of the most efficient pathways to obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residence.

There are a few criteria for applicants that they must fulfil to demonstrate their Expression of Interest. This includes business experience, net worth, criminal history, the number of jobs created by them, etc.

Let us learn more about the Ontario Investment Visa immigration Program as we go on.

    Who can utilize this program
  • Age of the main investor or businessman should be between 20 and 55 years of age
  • The investor, if is investing in Greater Toronto Area, will have to prove that the investor’s personal net-worth stands at CAD $800,000
  • The investor, if is investing in non-Greater Toronto Area, will have to prove that the investor’s personal net-worth stands at CAD $400,000
  • The investor, should invest a minimum of CAD $600,000, if investing in Greater Toronto Area
  • The investor should invest a minimum of CAD $200,000 if investing in non-greater Toronto area.
  • The investor should provide documents that prove that the investor has a good 24months and above of business management experience just before applying for the OINP –Entrepreneur program
  • The investor will have to make a 5-day visit to Ontario to make a detailed study about the business and the province, the location and its market growth.
  • The investor will have to achieve a CLB of 5 in language proficiency.
  • 3 major factors that impact the immigrations in Ontario

Ontario Entrepreneur’s benefits with this program

For any business professional, global expansion is a profitable opportunity, which the OINP offers. With the Ontario Entrepreneur Program Points Calculator, individuals can assess their eligibility based on specific criteria. Meeting the Ontario Entrepreneur Program requirements opens doors to various benefits, such as

  • The Entrepreneur can visit Ontario to gauge the situation before making a decision.
  • They get a temporary work visa during which they can set up their business and start managing the establishment right away.
  • After the entrepreneur addresses all the rules and regulations, they get a nomination from the province for Permanent residency in Canada.
  • Entrepreneurs can plan their businesses before proceeding.
  • This allows the entrepreneur to spread their business wings.
  • The main applicant can bring their immediate family along with them.
  • Children in Canada get access to free education
  • Every resident and citizen in Canada is provided with unlimited healthcare benefits.
  • They will be eligible for citizenship in 4 years.
  • The business owners get easy access to the whole of North American markets.

By making use of the Ontario Entrepreneur Program business owners can access the support needed to succeed in Ontarios market. Whether they aim to launch a business or grow an established one this program paves the way, for success providing chances, for development and prosperity.

Ontario Visa Immigration Process - Express Entry

The Ontario Immigration Visa process offers a pathway for individuals looking to settle in the communities of the province. Programs such as the Ontario Investment Visa Immigration program provide chances for immigrants to contribute to the development and cultural diversity of Ontario. The OINP investment visa serves as an option for investors and entrepreneurs seeking residency while also boosting the economy.

By grasping the details of the Ontario Visa Immigration process, individuals can smoothly navigate through Express Entry and other relevant pathways, ensuring their chances of being nominated for Permanent Residence in Ontario. Whether pursuing business endeavors or exploring job opportunities, The Ontario government embraces newcomers with warmth, promoting an environment of innovation and inclusivity by offering several streams that align well with Ontario’s labor market.

  • Step 1 – Submit application through the Express Entry portal along with right documents
  • Step 2 – Submit Expression of interest.
  • Step 3- receive Invitation to apply for Nomination
  • Step 4 – Submit application with the province for Nomination
  • Step 5 – Decision from the Province about the nomination
  • Step 6 – Entering into agreements with the Province
  • Step 7 – Work Permit for 2 years
  • Step 8 – After 2 years, submit report and apply for review
  • Step 9 – Obtain nomination from the province
  • Step 10 – Submission of PR application with IRCC
  • Step 11 – Obtain Permanent Residency

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