Ontario is one of the 10 provinces of Canada which actively participates in immigration programs defined by Canada. Ontario is the second largest province in Canada and is also the most populous province. One third of Canada’s total population lives in Ontario. The province is considered the technical hub of Canada. Ottawa, capital of Canada is part of Ontario. It is also the wealthiest province in the whole of Canada. The province has many rivers flowing through; one of it being Niagara fall. Ontario invites skilled professionals, investment/business immigrants and international students into the province. Among these, OINP’s Entrepreneur Program is one of the most famous which is most sought after.

Who can utilize this program

  • Age of the main investor or businessman should be between 20 and 55 years of age
  • The investor, if is investing in Greater Toronto Area, will have to prove that the investor’s personal net-worth stands at CAD $800,000
  • The investor, if is investing in non-Greater Toronto Area, will have to prove that the investor’s personal net-worth stands at CAD $400,000
  • The investor, should invest a minimum of CAD $600,000, if investing in Greater Toronto Area
  • The investor should invest a minimum of CAD $200,000 if investing in non-greater Toronto area.
  • The investor should provide documents that prove that the investor has a good 24months and above of business management experience just before applying for the OINP –Entrepreneur program
  • The investor will have to make a 5-day visit to Ontario to make a detailed study about the business and the province, the location and its market growth.
  • The investor will have to achieve a CLB of 5 in language proficiency.
  • 3 major factors that impact the immigrations in Ontario

Entrepreneur’s benefits with this program

  • The Entrepreneur can visit Ontario to gauge the situation before taking a decision
  • The Entrepreneur gets a temporary work visa during which time he can set up his business and take control of the situation there
  • After the entrepreneur addresses all the rules and regulations, he gets a nomination from the province for Permanent residency in Canada.
  • Entrepreneur can well-plan his business before proceeding.
  • This gives an opportunity for the entrepreneur to spread his business wings
  • The main applicant can bring his immediate family along with him
  • Children in Canada get access to free education
  • Every resident and citizen in Canada are provided with unlimited healthcare benefits
  • They will be eligible for citizenship in 4 years time
  • The businessmen get easy access to the whole of North American markets.


  • Step 1 – Submit application through the Express Entry portal along with right documents
  • Step 2 – Submit Expression of interest.
  • Step 3- receive Invitation to apply for Nomination
  • Step 4 – Submit application with the province for Nomination
  • Step 5 – Decision from the Province about the nomination
  • Step 6 – Entering into agreements with the Province
  • Step 7 – Work Permit for 2 years
  • Step 8 – After 2 years, submit report and apply for review
  • Step 9 – Obtain nomination from the province
  • Step 10 – Submission of PR application with IRCC
  • Step 11 – Obtain Permanent Residency

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