Hong Kong is a dynamic city known for its bustling economy, vibrant culture, and stunning skyline. For those looking to make this city their permanent home, there are a few different options available. Hong Kong citizenship is highly coveted, but it is not an easy status to obtain. One option for individuals who want to become Hong Kong citizens is through investment. The Hong Kong residency by investment program offers a path to residency for those who invest in the local economy. It offers a unique opportunity for investors to gain a foothold in one of the world's most exciting cities.

Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

Hong Kong, an autonomous city in China is one of the largest and strongest financial hubs of the world. This country is flooded with business houses and financial institutions. Hong Kong invites and has provided multiple pathways for foreign nationals into the country, to work, or invest in the country; thus contributing to the economy of the country.

One of the multiple pathways is the Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa Program inviting immigrant investors to invest in a start-up or running business in Hong Kong. It is a type of startup visa for individuals looking to invest or start a business.

Hong Kong Visa Requirements, Process, and Eligibility Criteria Under this program

  • Applicant should be 18 years and above.
  • A well-prepared application.
  • Strong supporting documents proving your education qualification, your skills, and other achievements.
  • Contribute towards the economy of Hong Kong.
  • You should be a citizen in your current place of origin.
  • Applicant should have been residing outside mainland China, Macao, and Hong Kong for 1 year before the application.
  • A Hong Kong Citizen/ resident must sponsor you.

If the sponsor is an individual, then he/she must:

  • Be 18 years and above
  • Be a bona fide Hong Kong resident
  • Be acquainted with the applicant

The visa application process usually takes 4 to 8 weeks from the date of submission.

Hong Kong Residency By Investment Process, Requirements, and Key Benefit

One of the key benefits is the taxation system along with its strategic location. It is also a Global financial and trading center.

The applicant must submit all the relevant application forms and supporting documents. It generally takes four to eight months to process the visa.

Successful applicants will normally be granted a limited extended Hong Kong Residence Permit of 2 years (only without other conditions of stay upon entry). Applicants may apply to extend their Hong Kong Residency before their limit of stay expires as long as they keep meeting the Hong Kong residency requirements.

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