Cyprus Investment Immigration Visa

Cyprus, renowned for its strategic location and business-friendly environment, attracts entrepreneurs seeking global opportunities. Business consultants in Cyprus play a pivotal role in navigating the intricacies of the esteemed Cyprus Immigration Investment Program. This program, designed to foster economic growth, offers a pathway for eligible individuals to obtain a business visa for Cyprus. To embark on this journey, understanding the Cyprus business visa requirements is paramount. The Cyprus Immigration Investment Program opens doors for investors, allowing them to contribute to the nation's prosperity. Trust in the expertise of business consultants in Cyprus to guide you through the nuances of this impactful program.

Cyprus Investment Benefits

  • High Living standards at par with other developed European countries.
  • It is one of the safest countries with a low crime rate.
  • Most favored tourist destination.
  • Free access to state-sponsored education for schooling.
  • Your CYPRUS Visa can provide you VISA free access to all the European countries.
  • Cyprus passport ensures you travel across 123+ countries VISA-free.
  • Living in Cyprus would ensure you live, work, and study in any part of the European Union.
  • Easy taxation is one of the highest points in Cyprus.
  • Easy access to the whole of Europe.

Cyprus Business Investment Visa Requirements, Process and Cost

  • You must purchase real estate properties in Cyprus with a minimum cost of Euro 300,000. The number of real estate properties you purchase cannot increase 2.
  • You need to transfer a secure steady annual income to a bank operating in Cyprus on a regular basis. This income should be derived from a source –employment or business outside of Cyprus.
  • You need to deposit funds from outside of Cyprus into a fixed account for no less than a 3-year period.
  • The approximate Cyprus Permanent Residence process time is between 2-3 months.
  • You get an immigration permit stating that you, a non-EU national, have the right to permanently reside in Cyprus. You need not go through the visitor visa process to enter Cyprus.

Note: Your immediate family is also entitled to obtain the same.

Business Investment Consultants For Cyprus In Dubai, UAE

Start your Cyprus Investment Immigration Visa process with our immigration experts at XIPHIAS Immigration. As leading Cyprus visa consultants, we specialize in comprehensive services, assisting you at every step towards migrating to Cyprus. Our Immigration Experts ensure careful preparation of your application, providing valuable advice both before and after your arrival in Cyprus.
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Cyprus offers 2 pathways to migrate to the country through investments

  • 1. Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit
  • 2. Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

XIPHIAS Immigration helps you and guide you in every way to fulfill your dreams to settle in Cyprus. We have all the expertise to prepare your application and advice you before and after you come to Cyprus on how to accomplish the conditions put forth by the Cyprus Authorities. Now is the time to take advantage of great life style in Cyprus. The opportunities are unlimited.

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