Intra Company Transfers

Intra Company transfers are used by companies who want to set up their branch or parent office in Canada. Such an individual must be an expert in his field of work or must belong to the top management of the company. The foreign skilled professional will first have to enter Canada with a work permit. Such a foreign national can work as part of the company made the transfer or can set up a branch for the company he is working for. Through this visa, the employee of the company can get his permanent residency in Canada.

Company’s duties towards ICT filing for the employee

  • Physical premises
    The company must first obtain physical premises in Canada. If the executive for who the ICT is being applied for, is the decision-maker for physical premises in Canada, then the company can use counsel’s address for the new branch till the time the premises are finalized.
  • Realistic Plans for staff
    Staffing a new branch is not an easy proposition. The Canada immigrations require that such staffing of fresh executives in the company for the new branch is well planned. Thus it requires that the company produces realistic plans for staffing their personnel in Canada.
  • Financial stability
    The company must produce right financial documents which prove that the company can hold on to self to run the organization and is also able to fund the salaries of employees of the company.
  • Permissions for transfer
    While applying for permission for transfer, the company must provide documents about the executive who would be transferred to Canada. These documents include the complete resume of the employee along with functions and duties that the foreign skilled professional would be undertaking in Canada on behalf of the organization.
    The company must prove that the employee will be taking up his duties only under the guidance and supervision of the company. A proper business plan needs to be submitted proving all of the mentioned points.

Employees need to do the following

  • The employee of the company needs to provide documents which prove that the employee has been working with the concerned company for a minimum period of one year during the last 3 years just prior to submission of application.
  • The employment should be full time

ICT Process

  • With a local director on board, the company will open a branch or parent in Canada.
  • The foreign national can have 100% ownership in the Company
  • A Business plan is submitted
  • A job offer letter from the Canadian corporation needs to be produced
  • Salary and position needs to be defined and declared in Canada
  • The company must produce documents proving their existence for a minimum of 4 years
  • Work permit is applied for

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