Moldova, the Eastern European Country is the latest of the countries to have entered the club of countries offering Citizenship by Investment program. Land surrounds Moldova on all its sides. It was once part of Soviet Union. The country go its name due to its long beautiful river Moldova.

It has large tracts of agricultural lands. Agriculture, mining and industrialization are all the backbone for the economy of Moldova. It’s a steadily growing economy. The country is beautiful and has good amount of balanced ecology here.

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. Moldovan and Romanian languages are spoken widely in the country.

Moldavian Citizenship by Investment Program

The Moldavian Government came up with this program and launched it in the year 2018. This program has 4 tier filtration process attached to it and is considered the world’s best Citizenship programs.

What can one achieve by earning Moldavian CBI program- ? (BENEFITS)

  • Visa- free travel to 120 + countries which include Russia, Turkey and European Union countries
  • Access to holidays and adventure sports like never before
  • Processing through world’s most efficient CIB program
  • The whole immediate family of the applicant will get the citizenship and passports
  • The future generations of the family will obtain citizenship through naturalization
  • The country is located in a manner such that, one gets to access Russia, Asia and Europe easily.

Moldova has applied for membership in European Union and in all likelihood would achieve the same. Its program is one of the most competitive among the European countries.

Who can apply for the Citizenship?

  • 18 years and above
  • You will have to contribute to the Moldavian Public Interest Fund (PIF) Euro 100,000 in a single payment.
  • All applicants will have to go through thorough background checkup
  • Each applicant has to provide documents supporting their claim of personal net worth
  • Each applicant will have to provide documents to prove their health and crime free life
  • Applicants can in no way have been part of any kind of scandal or fraud in their business practices
  • You will have to provide documents and proof that guarantees that you are in no way a threat for Moldova.

In the 4- tier vigilance, Global Diligence companies, Interpol and related authorized organizations take part to ensure the clean background of the applicants.

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