Business Visa Services

Technology is ever growing. People are making friends and connections indiscriminately irrespective of their country, continent or ethnicity. Business relations are developing between organizations which are two completely different locations and demographics. Exchange of money between countries is increasing.

With all these growth, Travel has become an inseparable part of business. It becomes imperative, for at least one of the key personals to travel to the country where the company’s associates are working or operations are happening. And this need to travel can arise at any time. It cannot be always a defined planned travel. Such travels aid in the growth of the organization as well as the individual’s personality who gets an exposure to the world’s various cultures and heritage. Travel is also important to boost the spirits of the employees. It aids in getting the work completed as is needed by the organization.

With this, Visa Processing is crucial and could prove to be expensive both in financially and in terms of time. With its worldwide presence and collaborations with various organizations, XIPHIAS Immigration ensures your business and travel plans are never hindered.

Our team is made of solicitors, lawyers and other high end professionals, who are well-placed and connected in the world wide spectrum and are located in every other country of the world. This team is well equipped to provide possible solutions for every issue that can raise during your VISA process.

What XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION can do for you-?

  • We help you determine the right time to travel
  • Assessment of whether, you would need a work permit or a business visitor visa
  • Prepare a strategic plan to aid your travel
  • Prepare your documents and help get them authenticated if necessary
  • Provide counseling to understand the process, requirements and related time frames
  • Submit application or provide in detailed submission guidance where in-person filing is required by the traveler.
  • Follow up with the applicant, the appropriate Government agency or any other body as would be needed
  • Collection of passports
  • If there is anticipated process time, we guide you accordingly
  • We are always available if any emergency arises.

We have our presence in more than 110 destinations covering more than 160 countries. Partner with us to ensure effective, affordable travel solutions for your businesses.

XIPHIAS Immigration helps you and guide you in every way to fulfill your dreams to settle in UK. We have all the expertise to prepare your application and advice you before and after you come to UK on how to accomplish the conditions put forth by the UK Authorities. Now is the time to take advantage of great life style in UK. The opportunities are unlimited.

Our Immigration Coordinators will reply your inquiry within 48 hours and provide you with FREE phone Consultation Service.

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