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Move…Relocate…Transfer...Shift…Transition…Don’t these terms send a chill down your spine and scare you off on the very thought of migrating somewhere? But yet we all end up doing it……why? That’s because we do not always think about ourselves. We look at our spouse (may be they will do better than what they are doing presently), we look at our children (may be they need a better educational system, may be they can get a better environment, may be the decision to relocate will help them in their life)…if you have thought about moving to Canada, then look no further…you have made the right choice! And at XIPHIAS, we are here to make this transition, easy, simple convenient & affordable.

Canada is a multi-cultural society filled with people from various backgrounds. They vary from colour, race, food, etiquettes, etc. As a new comer to Canada you may take some time to settle in to this society and understand the people from different walks of life and the culture at home, public or office. XIPHIAS has a separate wing to promote resettlement because it is an efficient way to integrate the newcomer in the Canadian Society. Currently, our resettlement solution offers services to immigrants in Toronto & GTA region. We offer services on an individual, student, family and group basis. We look to bridge the gap between the new immigrant and the mainstream population of the Canadian Society.

  • Arrangement for accommodation on arrival, depending on the size and requirement of families, individuals or Students
  • Financial planning advice
  • Home search, buy or rent
  • Completion of paper works in Canada for Health, taxes and Banking
  • One to one counseling on Job Search, which includes preparation of resume for Canadian employers, covering letters, places to look for jobs, the right approach required for the job market
  • We can guarantee you minimal wage job (irrespective of location and nature of work)
  • Way to upgrade the skills, help to learn advanced Speaking English for Canadian job market

The above services are offered to the immigrants for limited period on arrival to Canada and the fee depends on the specific agreement and on the services chosen. We can also custom create the settlement services according to unique demands of immigrants. We can assure you of best services at the MOST reasonable cost. Because we understand the anxiety and the thrill you are already experiencing in Migrating to one of the most wonderful place on earth.

Resettlement Solutions

We welcome your interest to know more about our Resettlement Package. Hereunder, we give you an estimated time and/or cost which is associated with your expenses to settle down initially in Canada. With the current geographical location of where we are located, we are currently offering this services in the Toronto & GTA areas only.

Type Description Approximate Charges Service in Days
Airport Pickup Receiving the guest from Airport & transporting to residence: 1 day
(Mississauga / Brampton / Malton / Oakville / Etobicoke) $50 to $60.00 (Includes Parking Charges)
(Milton / Scarborough / Markham / Richmond Hill) $75 to $100.00 (Includes Parking Charges)
(Guelph / Caledon / Kitchener / Ajax / Pickering / Aurora) $100 to $125.00 (Includes Parking Charges)
Welcome Kit General information on Canada & the people, things to do Free with Resettlement Package
When settling down initially with list of important telephone
Numbers, public transit, restaurant locations etc
Accommodation In a fully furnished 2 B/R residential apartment. Facilities $50 to $75.00 (Per Night) Minimum 30 days
Include: Two room suites, private kitchenette, personal
Three-piece bathroom, games room, movie theatre, business
And banquet services, free parking, complimentary continental
Breakfasts (during summer months), and more.
Lunch / Dinner Asian Vegetarian Meals delivered to the residence $15 to $25.00 per head (includes 2 meals) Minimum 15 days
PR Formalities Services to Apply Social Insurance Card (SIN Card), Bank $250 to $300.00 (Per Family) Maximum 2 days
Account Opening, Health Card Application, Driving License
Additional Services Transportation to Canadian Newcomer Service Centres Included above Maximum 1 day
Career Services One to one meeting with in-house HR Personnel with vast $200 per person or $300 to $400 per family 3 Hours maximum
Experience in career counselling, Will provide strong advise
In building winning resumes, interview focus and provide market
Knowledge. We will also provide Welcome Kit with information
& statistics on Canadian Job Market, list of recent jobs posted
On yourcategory and current salary levels
We provide FREE online IELTS (English Language) Course.

XIPHIAS Immigration helps you and guide you in every way to fulfill your dreams to settle in Canada. We have all the expertise to prepare your application and advice you before and after you come to Canada on how to accomplish the conditions put forth by the Canadian Authorities. Now is the time to take advantage of great life style in Canada. The opportunities are unlimited.

Our Immigration Coordinators will reply your inquiry within 48 hours and provide you with FREE phone Consultation Service.

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