Investor Visa Program For Australia

Moving to Australia hasn’t been easier! The Australia Investor Visa Program offers a pathway for Internanational Investors to engage in the country’s economic landscape while they secure a residency. Our Australia Business Visa Consultants will always be at your service, no matter what your query is. With the Investment Visa Australia, you get access to:

  • Australian Residency: This visa is a direct pathway to obtain a residency in Australia, which allows you to live, work or study there.
  • Business opportunities: When you get your Australia investor Visa, you can have your own business and contribute in the Australian economic growth. And being in Asia-Pacific region, Australia is basically a Global Business Hub.
  • Top class healthcare and education system: Investors and their families can access public healthcare & educational Institutes.
  • Australia skilled population: Investors looking to have their own business get have full rights to hire from the Australian population, who are known for their diversity and productivity. And they can even network and collaborate with local entrepreneurs and businesses.

What is Global Talent Visa Program in Australia?

The Global Talent Independent Program is a streamlined pathway to obtain Australian permanent residency for highly skilled executives, IT and tech professionals, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. It is a relatively fast path to obtaining Australian PR. The Australian government is seeking the best global talent in the following 10 future-focused sectors:

  • Resources, energy, and mining technology
  • Agricultural technology (ag-tech)
  • Defense, space, and advanced manufacturing
  • Financial services and technology (fintech)
  • Health industries and medical technology (medtech)
  • Circular economy
  • Infrastructure and tourism
  • Education
  • Cyber security
  • Quantum information, advanced digital technology, data science, and information and communications technology (ICT)

Australia Investor Visa Minimum Investment And Requirements

This visa has several streams, including the Investor stream, and the Significant Investor stream. The investor visa for Australia offers a direct pathway to permanent residence after three years, subject to meeting certain residence and investment or business turnover requirements.

The general requirements for the Investor Stream-

  • A minimum contribution of AUD 2.5 million is required.
  • Individuals must pass a points test.
  • Reside in the country for at least two years.

The general requirements for the Significant Investor Stream are-

  • Individuals must commit at least AUD 5 million into a complying Australian-managed investment fund for the duration of the provisional visa validity.
  • Reside in the country for an average of 40 days a year for primary visa holders.

Australia Business Visa - Application Process and Requirements

The application process and requirements for an Australian business visa are:

  • Eligibility Check: check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the business visa you wish to apply for.
  • Nomination: If you are applying for the Business Innovation and Investment visa, you will need to submit an expression of interest (EOI).
  • Documents: including proof of identity, evidence of your business or investment experience, financial documents, and proof of English language proficiency.
  • Lodge your application: you can submit your application online and pay the visa application fee.
  • Outcome: After submitting your application, you will need to wait for the Department of Home Affairs to process your application.
  • Visa grant: If your application is approved, you can then enter Australia.

Top Reasons to Set Up a Business in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries to start up a business due to factors such as:

  • Stable economy
  • High standard of living
  • Abundant Natural resources
  • Innovation and technology
  • Supportive government policies
  • Strategic Location giving access to a large global market

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