Australia Business Investment Visa

132B Business Talent (PERMANENT) visa (SUBCLASS 132)

Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream

Entrepreneurs who are capable of sourcing funds for their Australian venture from a member of the Australian Investment council (AIC) formerly known as the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) are qualified to apply for this Visa Program. This is a Permanent Residence Visa

This funding must be for

  • An early stage of business set up or
  • For commercialization of a product or
  • Business development of a promising high-value business idea

The applicant must satisfy the nominating state or territory Government agency, by proving that you have sufficient assets to settle in Australia

There are no other requirements to satisfy under this program.

Subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) VISA

Are you an Entrepreneur with brightest of ideas and innovative thoughts. Then this program has been designed for you. Australian Business Innovation Investment Visa program, allows you to own and manage a business in Australia. This is a Permanent Residence Visa Program. It gives you lucidity to choose if you want to conduct

  • Business or
  • Invest in business activity or in real estate in Australia or
  • Undertake an Entrepreneurial activity in Australia.

To qualify under this stream you need to-

Basic Eligibility Criteria

f you have abundant business skills, then this your stream, which allows you to take up a new business or run an already existing business in Australia. This VISA is valid for 4 years. It can renewed. From the place where you want to operate your activity, you will need to get nominated by a Government agency of that state or territory.

What you can do with this VISA

  • Operate business in Australia (new or already existing) or invest
  • Your immediate family also can apply along with you
  • You become eligible to apply for Permanent Residence under the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) stream.
  • After a few years of stay in Australia you can apply for citizenship

How you become eligible under this stream

  • Get a minimum of 65 points in the basic eligibility test
  • Prove your net worth to be of at least AUD 2.25 million

Significant Investor stream (SubClass 188C)

An investor or entrepreneur who can mighty well invest a minimum of AUD $ 5 million in Australia and maintain such investment activities are eligible to apply under this stream. This visa is valid for 4 years of time. Form the state or territory where you intend to invest, you should get a nomination. Else the AUS TRADE CEO can also nominate you.

Qualifications for this stream

  • You must be invited to apply for this visa
  • You must obtain a nomination from a state or territory Government agency or the AUStrade CEO
  • You must invest a minimum of $5 million in Australia and maintain it for 4 years straight
  • You must have the intention to live in the state or territory which nominates you.
  • You must be able to achieve the 65 point score in the basic eligibility test

Business Innovation Extension stream

This is again a provisional visa, applying which, the applicant will be eligible to extend his stay in Australia for 2 more years.

With this Visa added to the original Business In novation and Investment (Provisional) Visa, the applicant gets to live in Australia for a whole 6 years’ time period.

This provisional visa lets holders of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in the Business Innovation stream extend their stay in Australia for 2 more years. To qualify under this stream, you must have one of the above mentioned Provisional Visa.

Significant Investor Extension stream

This visa allows you to extend your stay for 4 more years in Australia. Its again a provisional Visa. You need to have one of the above mentioned SUBCLASS 188 visa to be eligible for this visa.

Premium Investor stream (SubClass PIV)

Those interested individuals who have the capacity to invest AUD $ 15 million and who get a nomination from the CEO of AUStrade are eligible to apply for this stream. You need to utilize the amount for either investments or for philanthropic contributions.

Entrepreneur stream (SubClass 188e)

This is exclusively for those entrepreneurs who want to open something in Australia. For this you need to get a nomination from an Australian state or Territory government agency and you must enter into an agreement with a third party to fund your activities.

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