labour market assessment

Labour Market Assessment - As an employer apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before you can hire a foreign worker or get pre-approval to hire a large number of workers. Labour market Assessment initiative is done by the Canadian government to take stock of the current of labour market indicators, trends in wages and compensations, evidence of labour shortages and mismatches in the Canadian labour force. The assessment of the labour force is conducted for both foreign and Canadian worker, Canadian who intends to hire foreign worker must take prior approval from the government.

The labour market verification will be done by Employment and Social Development Canada, it ensure that the employment of the foreign worker will not affect the Canadian Labour market.

An employer of Canada need to register in Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), before they hire a foreign worker or they should get pre approval to hire a large number of workers. If there are requirement for foreign workers Labour Market Impact Assessment will indicate the job offer for the foreign worker as there is no Canadian worker available to do the job.

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labour market assessment

The extension of visa options are offered to all immigrants across the world provided they meet all the requirements of immigration policies of the respective countries. Issuing of visa or extension visa in Canada will be done once the applicants submits details about nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, work experience, income and / or net worth and various other important information from the applicant.

Candidates must provide accurate information to the immigration authorities, based on those information authorities will instruct for next steps.

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renew permanent resident card

Renew Permanent Resident Card – know about requirements renewal permanent resident card Canada: The Permanent Resident (PR) card is valid for the period of five years in Canada; renewal of this card needs to be done within six months before it expires the validity period.

To renew the PR card applicants must complete the following procedures:


  • Requirement to fill certain forms
  • Send two photo follows immigration specification
  • Enclose all the relevant documents
  • Must pay C$50 fee to the authorities

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