Latvia Investment Immigration Visa

Latvia is a small country in Northern Europe which is gaining popularity during the recent past as it is becoming the favorite window through which people can enter the European Union. Latvia is in the Baltic Sea. It is laden with dense sprawling amazing forests. Its capita Riga is home for some notable wooden art architecture. Latvian citizens are exposed to the ancient history of Latvia through their un-spoilt nature, music festivals and their architecture. Riga is a pearl in Latvia.

Benefits of Latvia

  • Latvia is a country with high living standards
  • Latvia has a clean green environment. It has been ranked second in the world
  • It has quality transportation infrastructure in airways, water ways and road ways. IT is accessible to all the nations of Europe
  • It has a strong economy to support your business and is backed by a stable clean government
  • It has sound taxation practices and good legal system
  • Quality of education in Latvia is one of the best in the world
  • The cost of living in Latvia is affordable and understandable
  • Its easy to communicate in Latvia as most people are fluent in Latvian language, English, German and Russian languages
  • The applicant can travel Visa free to most European Union countries
  • The potential for real estate market in Latvia is very high. It is easy to sell or buy properties in Latvia
  • Latvia is like a fairy land. It’s very good for the children, families and Couples
  • Due its Well-developed public transportation at affordable convenient prices and the other facilities available, Latvia is a good place for senior citizens and young people alike
  • With a Visa issued by Latvia, you can enter other European countries including UK and France.

How do you qualify for this program

  • You should be at least 18 years of age at the time of submitting the application
  • You should be able to provide supporting legal documents about your fund source
  • You need to provide a medical certificate and a certificate from local authorities regarding your clean character and background
  • You need to be a high net worth individual who is in a position to support self economically

What's the Process for Residency Permit?

  • A non-refundable Investment of Euro 50,000/- in company shares/Government bonds/bank deposits. Government fees for processing- Euro 10,000
  • Agreements with the concerned parties regarding the financial commitments
  • Finish your payment for the investment.
  • Ensure to obtain a temporary visa for Latvia from your country of origin,
  • Travel to Latvia and obtain your Temporary Residency Permit
  • You qualify for a Permanent Residency in Latvia after 5 years of living there.
  • For qualifying for Latvian citizenship you need to have lived in Latvia for 10 years and should be proficient in the local language there.

Few Notes about the Investments in Latvia

  • Minimum investment in a credit institution -Euro 286,000
  • In Enterprise equity Capital Investment
    • a. 36,000 in first year
    • b. 28,000 minimum every subsequent year till the completion of the agreed investment amount
  • Maintain the investments for a minimum of 5 years

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