Spain Business Immigration VISA

Spain with its rich heritage and culture, has a strong impact on the world around. It is laden with beautiful landscapes, long standing traditions, cuisine and world renowned architecture. They are one of the strong leaders in the European continent.

This country to increase its foreign direct investments started the Investment immigration program attract investors to invest in their Real estate or in any of the running businesses. Spain provides Permanent Residency Visa for such hi net worth individuals."

Spain, to increase its economic strength has introduced Spain Business Immigration Visa. This is a permanent residence Visa

Who can apply ?

  • Anybody wanting to relocate to Spain or is looking to set up a business in Spain can invest.
  • You need to make a minimum investment of Euro 500,000
  • You need to be a non-EU national
  • You cannot have any criminal record
  • Your whole family are eligible to apply for this visa

XIPHIAS Immigration provides all possible support to you in the form of counselling, understanding your requirement, application submission, preparation of documents required and update you as would be needed to help you invest and relocate to Spain. XIPHIAS is well equipped with expert and knowledgeable team which is well balanced to help you process your case with the Spain Authorities. With excellent returns on investment, Spain is truly one of its kind country to invest in

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