For more than a decade and a half, Malta has been an integral part of both the European Union and the Schengen Area, reinforcing its commitment to European collaboration. The Maltese Residency Permit Program was started in 2015 and further underscored Malta's openness to foreign direct investment, particularly through the Residence by Investment Malta initiative. High Net Worth individuals seeking to diversify their investments beyond their home country find an attractive option in this program, which grants residency through various avenues, including the Residence Programme Malta and the Permanent Residency Visa Program Malta. Investors can secure a Malta residence permit by investment, offering a pathway to call this Mediterranean gem home while contributing to its continued growth and prosperity.

Malta Residency Programs

Discover the charm of Malta through its straightforward residency options, including the Malta Residency Visa Program. Whether you opt for a residence permit by buying property or through investment, Malta offers various options for individuals seeking a new home or business venture. Explore the various residency programs, such as the Residence Programme Malta, Permanent Residency Visa Program Malta, and Business Visa Malta, each offering unique advantages. Malta invites you to invest in its growth and enjoy a life enriched by its culture and opportunities.

Malta Residency By Investment Visa Requirements, Process and Cost

Open to non-EU nationals;

All the family members are eligible. Family applications include:

  • Spouse
  • Parents of both main applicant and spouse;
  • Children
    • Minor children
    • Adult children provided that they are unmarried and financially dependent on the Main Applicant

Applicant must provide an affidavit declaring that:

  • From the date of the application onwards, he/she is in receipt of an annual income of not less than a hundred thousand euros (€100,000) arising outside Malta or
  • Has in his/her possession, capital of not less than five hundred thousand euro (€500,000)

Applicants have to purchase or rent property;

  • Non-refundable contribution of €30,000;
  • €5,500 non-refundable Application Fee
  • €24,500 payable only on approval.
  • Invest €250,000 in Government bonds;

Minimum Property Purchase Price / Annual Rent:

  • Malta: €320,000 / €12,000
  • Southern Region of Malta, Gozo: €270,000 / €10,000

Applicants must have valid travel documents;

Applicants must have all-covering EU health insurance.

Malta Permanent Residence Benefits

  • Access to the European Union/Schengen Area without any Visa.
  • The applicant and immediate family can live, work and study in any part of the EU.
  • You will be granted residency for 5 years immediately which is then renewable.
  • Tax benefits.
  • After a few years of stay in Malta, the applicant becomes eligible for Maltese Citizenship.
  • Immediate family can apply along with the applicant.

Malta Immigration Visa Consultants, Agency from Dubai, UAE

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How to get Malta Citizenship By Residency

To be eligible for this program, you need to be 18 years and above and belong to a non-EU country. You should be able to prove your net worth of $500,000.
The applicant needs to contribute €30,000 to a non-refundable government bond along with non-refundable fees.
The applicant needs to invest a minimum of € 250,000 in Government bonds or €320,000 in real estate in Malta. In lieu, you could rent a property at €12,000 Per Annum.

This Program was started in the year 2015. High net worth individuals looking to make cross border investment can definitely take this as one of the pathways.

  • This program is highly effective and provides immediate access to European Markets.
  • Under this program, the applicant’s immediate family can join the applicant
  • The Residency permit will be provided for 5years and further can be renewed.
  • After 7 years of residency in Malta, one becomes eligible to apply for citizenship there.
  • Investments made in Malta, need to be maintained for 5 years
  • With this visa, you can work for anybody and anywhere in Malta
  • This program doesn’t need you to live in Malta at any given point of time

Malta’s Tax system

  • You will be taxed only for your local income
  • Any income that you earned outside Malta will not be taxed in Malta
  • For any kind of inheritance, taxes will not apply
  • You need not pay any wealth tax
  • There is no obligations for you to disclose your wealth

How to apply for this program

Age – 18 years and above

Net worth – Minimum legal Provable networth of $500,000

Contribution to Non-refundable Government bond – Euro 30,000 +€5,500 non-refundable Application Fee + €24,500 payable only on approval.

Minimum investment Options

  • Option 1- Minimum investment of € 250,000 in Government bonds
  • Option 2- Minimum investment of €320,000 in Real Estate of Malta
  • Option 3- Rent a property at €12,000 per annum

Documents required

  • EU Health Insurance
  • Clean past records- business and social
  • Clean Passport

The whole of the process takes less than 3 months’ time. XIPHIAS Immigration’s expert international immigration consultants provide the right information and guidance for you to invest in the country’s real estate and help you complete the migration process.

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