Subclass 489 -Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Program

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa program or Subclass 489 has been designed for all those foreign skilled professionals who would want to explore the waters in sub-urban Australia. This program requires that the applicant’s profile is part of the Skill Select portal and the applicant if successful would be awarded Permanent Residency in Australia. Such Sub-urban areas will have cleaner air and lesser population. You need to submit your Expression of Interest into this portal.

From this pool of profiles in Skill select, based on the requirement in a particular sub-urban area, your profile would be selected for nomination for Australian PR.

Your profile will be evaluated based on 5 factors which include, your age, your language skills, your education, your experience and your adaptability to change. Through these factors you need to achieve a minimum of 60 points out of 100.

Things apart you need to provide documents for

  • Proving your work experience
  • Education and skills evaluation
  • Age
  • Relationship certificates as need be
  • Medical certificates
  • Certificate from local police authorities to prove your pure background with zero crime

However, the biggest requirement would be that your job profile should be part of the current list of job openings in rural Australia.

Additional Notes

When your profile gets nomination from a particular region, and you choose to go with that nomination, you will be bound by an agreement that you will live and work in that province for a minimum recommended period.

It is important to cater to this rule, as this program was specially designed to fill in vacancies in sub-urban Australia.

The successful applicant becomes a qualified sponsor to invite qualified relatives/friends to Australia

On migrating, the applicant would get access to all the provisions and benefits a citizen of Australia enjoys in fields like education, health care and residential utilities.

Once the successful applicant completes 4 years of living in Australia on PR, they automatically become eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.

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