New Brunswick Business Visa Immigration

This is part of the New Brunswick PNP program. To apply under this program, you need to have an intention to start your business or buy a running business in the New Brunswick Province. This is a Permanent Residency program. This is an entrepreneur program through which you get your nomination and that instantly gets you your Permanent Residency Status.

All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria under the New Brunswick business immigration stream. The criteria are based on age, language, education, business ownership, personal net worth, or senior management experience, and business concept. The eligibility requirements must be met at the time of Expression Of Interest itself (although it’s not necessary that meeting all requirements would guarantee your nomination).

Businesses aren’t nominated on a random basis. The Government retains the right to selectively evaluate emerging businesses or the accession of existing ones for economic prosperity. As we mentioned above, meeting the basic criteria does not guarantee a nomination. The assessment is influenced by factors such as the labour market, yearly nomination allocations by IRCC, current inventory, etc.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program - NBPNP

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program invites opulent individuals to immigrate to New Brunswick and invest in a running business there or in a start-up. The program also welcomes skilled workers or highly educated persons who can contribute to the development of the province and to the community.

  • Easy immigration process: Since the program targets a variety of individuals across different skills, trades, and educational backgrounds, it makes the immigration process much more streamlined.
  • Opportunities for skilled workers: Workers with specific skill sets highly benefit from this program. It generates opportunities to secure better employment or obtain provincial nominations based on their qualifications.
  • Supportive streams for Entrepreneurs: NBPNP offers a variety of streams to attract and aid Entrepreneurs & investors looking to set up a business in Brunswick.
  • Building strong communities: The NBPNP aims to diversify its communities. The program offers settlement services, language training support networks, etc. So that immigrants can have a sense of belonging.
  • Citizenship opportunities: Successful applicants nominated by NBPNP can eventually apply for permanent residency and gain access to social security benefits.

NBPNP Express Entry

If you are highly skilled and have a strong work portfolio, you may be eligible for the NBPNP Express Entry program! The New Brunswick Express Entry Stream of NBPNP can increase the chances of an efficient candidate being issued an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency from IRCC.

New Brunswick Business Immigration Program Eligibility And Investment

For your successful application and a smooth procedure, there are some criteria that you need to fulfill. The criteria are based on net worth, age, minimum investments, and many other factors.

  • You should be aged between 22 and 55 years
  • You need to have an eligible connection to New Brunswick
  • You should have a proper 15 to 17 years of full time education completed
  • Your personal legal net worth should be a minimum of CAD $ 600,000 of which CAD $300,000 must be in liquid form.
  • If you are owning a business outside, you should have an ownership of 33.3% in the business
  • You need to have a minimum of 3 years of management experience during the last 5 years prior to you submitting your application
  • Else, you need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a senior business executive in the management
  • You should intend to live in New Brunswick and run the show of managing the local business.
  • You should be able to invest a minimum of CAD $ 250,000 to establish your business in New Brunswick.
  • You will have to deposit CAD $ 100,000 in the ESCROW FUNDS with the Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Visa Immigration Process

The application process for the New Brunswick Investment Immigration Visa requires these few steps:

  • Submit your Expression of Interest to the NBPNP via email. This should have details or supporting documents for your education, experience along with your business plan attached among other documents.
  • If you are one of those who have got highest score/ranking backed by a strong business concept that can benefit the society of New Brunswick then you will get selected for nomination from New Brunswick. Alongside you will get your Invitation to Apply for PR with the Canadian Government.
  • You must now submit the full application to the New Brunswick Immigration Program.
  • If your application goes through, you’ll have to enter a BUSINESS PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT and submit a refundable deposit of CAD 100,000 to receive your nomination.
  • Following this, you need to submit your application to the IRCC for your Permanent Residency Status.
  • For you to get back your deposit, you need to complete one year of the business operation that you set up in New Brunswick after relocating there.

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