German Entrepreneurial Residency Program

Germany is a country in the Western Europe which has most of its nature still kept intact. It is a beautiful country with a lot of history behind it. The forests, rivers, mountain ranges and beaches define the geography of Germany. This is a country which is financially stable and economically strong. With good infrastructure, Germany has always encouraged fresh and innovative ideas.

Germany, to encourage more prudent economic influx into the country has introduced The GERMAN ENTREPRENEURIAL RESIDENCY PROGRAM

For any individual with entrepreneurial ideas, seeking to move to a European country which has high quality lifestyle and well established infrastructure, Germany is the answer for them. It is one of the dominant economic powers and has a strong influence in Central Europe.

Few Facts about Germany

  • Germany is one of the top 3 largest exporters of the world
  • It has the most stable Government possible
  • It provide free university education even for international students
  • It provides quality healthcare facilities
  • It is backed by domestic infrastructure
  • It has a stable investment environment
  • It is one of the pioneer countries who are taking up the cause of climate protection and are pushing for clean energy

Benefits of German PR Program

  • You and your whole of the family can apply under this program
  • You and your family members can have access to quality free education in universities
  • You get an exposure to the largest and most stable economy of Europe
  • You can travel visa free in the 26 countries of the Schengen zone
  • This is one of the countries which offer low entry investment in Real Estate
  • Real estate investment in Germany amounts to high rental yields
  • You don’t need any kind of management experience nor education credentials to apply
  • After 8 years in Germany, you are eligible for applying for your citizenship

Under Section 21 of the German Residency Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz, AufenthG), foreign nationals can be granted German Residency. The Entrepreneur/ the applicant will receive a 3 year temporary residence permit which is then converted to a Permanent Residence in the 4th year. Residency is extended to spouse and children who are under the age of 18.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for temporary residence

  • You should be engaged in entrepreneurial activity in Germany
  • You should have a valid German health insurance
  • You should have a valid residential address in Germany

The Process

Step 1

  • You and your family members apply for this program by depositing a re-fundable down payment
  • We will initiate the residency process after you are legally counselled

Step 2

  • A pre-approval will be issued by the local German Authorities
  • Your pre-approval will be sent to the German Embassy in your country of origin
  • Your legal counsel will open an escrow account under your name
  • You will have to transfer the remaining amount to this account within 14 days of receiving the pre-approval.

Step 3

  • You and your family members will have to apply for D-Visa at the local German Embassy. This D-Visa is valid for 90 days

Step 4

  • The D-Visa is issued to you which is valid for only 90 days.
  • You can travel to Germany within this period and complete the residency application process in Germany

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