New Brunswick Canada PNP

As mentioned above, the New Brunswick Canada PNP offers fulfilling opportunities to individuals who can substantially contribute to the province’s economy. The program allows such individuals to work and settle in New Brunswick and enjoy the benefits that most citizens enjoy.

There are plenty of advantages to the New Brunswick PNP, including:

  1. The NB PNP offers a skilled worker stream that targets applicants with skills relevant to the New Brunswick labor market, further ensuring their permanent residency.
  2. NB PNP includes an Express Entry Stream, allowing candidates to be nominated by the government and accelerating the process of the candidates receiving an Invitation To Apply (ITA).
  3. The entrepreneurial stream allows experienced entrepreneurs to establish or occupy an existing business in New Brunswick and obtain permanent residency.
  4. The Family Support stream included in The New Brunswick PNP enables residents to reunite with their families with sponsorships from New Brunswick residents.

NBPNP Express Entry

Let’s get into further details of the NBPNP Express Entry system. As we just learned, this stream allows eligible applicants to be nominated by New Brunswick and receive an ITA for permanent residency from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This stream is connected to the federal Express entry system, which increases the chances of an ITA nomination. It focuses mainly on skilled workers with relevant work experience and educationally qualified individuals who can directly serve the New Brunswick job market.

New Brunswick PNP, Requirements, Eligibility, Processing Time

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