This is the easier of the 2 pathways available to relocate to Cyprus. The applicants will have to provide the right kind of documents to support their cause of moving/investing in Cyprus. These documents include

  • Proof of Net worth and the source for the same
  • Source for the Investment
  • Medical certificate to prove good and sound mental and physical health
  • Certificate from local police authorities proving zero criminal background
  • Certificates to prove age and relationships of the main applicant and fellow applicants

Process to obtain Residency Permit in Cyprus

  • Invest a minimum of Euro 300,000 in the Real Estate of Cyprus. At any given point of time, you cannot own more than 2 real estate properties in Cyprus. You need to maintain this investment for a minimum of 3 years.
  • A minimum agreed amount should be regularly transferred into your bank account in Cyprus. This income should be derived from legal sources outside of Cyprus.
  • A fixed agreed amount needs to be deposited into your fixed bank account in Cyprus, which should be maintained for 3 years
  • After these are satisfied, you get an immigration permit from the state, saying that you and your immediate family who had applied along with you are now entitled to live in Cyprus.
  • The whole process takes 2 months.

After 6 years of living in Cyprus on this permit, you become eligible to apply for Cyprus citizenship.

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