New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.

New Zealand is a top destination for immigration aspirants who are looking to work and build their careers. If you are interested in working in New Zealand, there are several types of visas you can apply for. The most common types of work visas include the Skilled Migrant Visa, Essential Skills Work Visa, and Working Holiday Visa.

The Skilled Migrant Visa is designed for individuals with skills and experience that are in high demand in New Zealand, while the Essential Skills Work Visa is for individuals with a specific job offer from a New Zealand employer.

Applying for a New Zealand work visa from Dubai requires careful consideration of the visa requirements and application process. XIPHIAS immigration with our experience, expertise, and skilled immigration agents can guide you through the process and help you prepare your application for the best chance of success.

New Zealand Work Visa Consultant from Dubai, UAE

For aspirants looking to migrate to New Zealand for work, taking the services of a genuine and dependable immigration consultant with the required expertise and experience is important. As a leading immigration agency in Dubai, XIPHIAS Immigration specializes in providing expert assistance and guidance to skilled migrants seeking to obtain a New Zealand work visa from Dubai.

Our team of immigration consultants has extensive experience in guiding clients through the process of skilled migration to New Zealand. We offer personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that you receive the guidance and support you need at every step of the way.

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual circumstances and provide tailored services to ensure a smooth immigration process.

As a trusted work visa agency in Dubai for New Zealand, we are ICCRC and MARA registered and our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service and support for aspirants looking to immigrate under New Zealand skilled immigration programs.

New Zealand Work Visa Eligibility

The requirements may vary depending on the type of work visa you are applying for, but generally include the following:

Skilled Migrant Category: you must meet the points threshold, have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand, and meet health and character requirements.

Essential Skills Work Visa: If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer and possess the necessary skills and experience to perform the job.

Specific Purpose Work Visa: If you are coming to New Zealand for a specific purpose such as a research project, sports event, or religious work.

Working Holiday Visa: If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 and want to travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months.

It is recommended that you consult with a dependable immigration consultancy to determine your eligibility and ensure that you meet all requirements before applying for a New Zealand work visa. We also provide aspirants with accurate and transparent assessments of their eligibility for New Zealand Work visa programs.

Skilled Migrant Visa New Zealand - Requirements, Application Process, and Cost

Visa and Immigration Requirements: It will depend on the type of visa and generally includes meeting the language proficiency, and work experience requirements among other things.

Documents: This generally includes your passport, visa application form, proof of financial support, evidence of your qualifications and work experience, and any additional documents required for the specific visa type.

Process: The process for applying for a Skilled Migrant New Zealand visa involves several steps such as filling out the application form, submitting supporting documents, language test results, and attending an interview if required.

Our immigration agents for New Zealand will guide and assist you in your New Zealand work immigration process and can help you understand the New Zealand visa requirements.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Points Calculator

AGE POINTS (30 max)
20 - 39 30
40 - 44 20
45 - 49 10
50 - 55 5
Education Level EDUCATION LEVEL POINTS (20 max)
Level 3 to 6 40
Level 7 or 8 50
Level 9 or 10 70
2 years 10
4 Years 20
6 Years 30
8 Years 40
10 years or more 50
Partner has recognized level 7 to 8 Qualification 10
Partner has recognized level 9 to 10 Qualification 20
International Experience in area of absolute skills shortage list 15
1-year Experience in New Zealand 10
Already working under skilled employment in New Zealand 50
Current experience in areas of absolute skill shortage in New Zealand 10
Experience outside Auckland 30
High Remuneration Threshold 20
Full Time Education in New Zealand 15

New Zealand Skill Shortage List

The skills shortage lists have been replaced by the Green List. Roles qualifying for a fast-track to the residence, as set out in the original Green List:

  • Construction roles
  • Engineering roles
  • Certain health and social services roles
  • Primary industries and science roles
  • ICT, electronics, and telecommunication roles

Roles added to Green List work to residence tier from March 2023

  • Civil construction supervisors
  • Gasfitters
  • Drain layers
  • Skilled crane operators
  • Skilled civil machine operators
  • Halal slaughterers
  • Skilled motor mechanics
  • Skilled telecommunications technicians
  • All secondary school teachers (in addition to the specializations already on the Green List)
  • Primary school teachers

Roles added to Green List straight to residence tier Registered nurses (on 15 December 2022)

  • Midwives (on 15 December 2022)
  • Specialist doctors not already on the Green List (on 15 December 2022)
  • Registered Auditors (from March 2023)

Bus & truck drivers

  • Bus and truck drivers will have a time limited residence pathway through a sector agreement.

Bus and truck drivers will have a time limited residence pathway through a sector agreement.

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