Canada’s largest province, Quebec has multi-cultural population. Vast forests, countless waterways and many hills forms the demography of Quebec. The official language of Quebec is French although English is widely spoken. It is one province which is also known as the Europe of North America.

The immigration path way into Quebec is Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). You need to first submit an Expression of interest (EOI) profile to the immigration ministry MIDI. The process time in all should take less than 12 months to complete.

In this immigration program, the applicant needs to adhere to certain factors in relation to the local culture of Quebec. However, there is no list of eligible occupations list that the applicant needs to think about to apply for Quebec Visa Program. You need not have any job offer at the time of application.

To qualify under this Program

  • 1. You must be 18 years and older.
  • 2. You must submit an Expression of Interest to the Quebec Portal where all profiles will be stored.
  • 3. Profiles in the bank will be scored. These scoring depends on 5 factors – age, education, work experience, fluency in English/French, and adaptability to local environment.
  • 4. When a profile’s education qualification is equivalent to local secondary school diploma, then the profile receives a minimum of 2 points in education.

QSWP selection factors are help you, the applicant earn scores/points. Such points/scouring is same as the QSWP point’s grid. However, QSWP selection factors requires you to have a validated Employment offer which adds an extra 10-14 points to your overall score.

Quebec province values family and relations a lot. Hence, the point system available for this factor is pretty different from other provinces. Maximum points one can avail through the “Stay and Family in Quebec” is 8.

The process for obtaining PR under QSWP

  • Obtain your immigration Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
  • Apply for the PR with Federal Government


  • Must have submitted Expression of Interest in their official portal ARIMA
  • After the profile is scrutinized and cleared in ARIMA, it is sent to the Express Entry pool or bank of profiles. Based on the factors, each profile gets scoring and then ranked
  • To qualify, the applicant if single, then, must earn a minimum score of 50 else, if married, then should earn a minimum score of 59.
  • The factors which the scoring is given
    • Age
    • Education
    • Area of training/domain
    • French Language proficiency
    • Relatives in Quebec
    • Family members
    • Financial stability to support self and family in Quebec
  • Although not mandatory, the applicant will get extra score if he has a job offer or work experience in Quebec

After the applicant gets his EOI approved, he gets a notification to submit his documents and application. If qualified, he receives his CSQ following which, he can apply for the ITA with the Federal Government.

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