Swiss Residence Permit

About Switzerland

Home to the great Alps Mountains, Switzerland is world famous for its marvelous lakes, high peak mountains and well-built cities. The Banking and Finance sectors have been the key industries in Switzerland. Foreign investments and savings are easy in this country. The policies of Swiss government towards their banking sector have earned them enough to build the country to one economic powerhouse.

Swiss Permanent Residency Visa

This visa is available for both EU and non-EU citizens. Qualified individuals who intend to move to Switzerland can apply for the Swiss Residence Permit.

European Union citizens are however, given a flexibility to opt for Swiss Residency based on their employment, whereas non-European Union citizens will be granted residence permit on the basis of their investment or business proposals. This Permit is valid for 5 years. Post that period, you can be convert the permit in to Swiss permanent residence later. The Swiss Residence permit can be extended to your family (your spouse and children)


  • It’s a quick process
  • Your spouse and children will also get their visa
  • This permit leads to your permanent residency and citizenship
  • The country has favorable tax system

Who can Apply ?

  • All EU residents. (it will be a fast-track process and they will also get the privileged access to Swiss Residency)
  • If you have an employment agreement with the Swiss government, then you can become a Swiss employer or get employed in Switzerland.
  • If you have no employment, then you need to show sufficient funds along with sound health and accident insurance
  • If you are applying for retirement purpose, then you need to be 55 years or older, you should make an investment in a company and you should provide a genuine link in Switzerland
  • You want the residency permit for Investment purpose, then you must invest in a company after negotiating with authorities of Switzerland.
  • If you need residency permit for Business purpose, then you need to relocate to Switzerland and you will have to generate employment for the locals

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