Temporary Short Skill Visa Program (Sub Class 482)

Even after so much of exercising to fill in job vacancies through migration, there could be certain jobs which would still need temporary working professionals to fill in certain gaps.

Based on such requirements, Temporary Short skill Visa Program or SubClass 482 was designed.

Although a temporary Visa program, it is to be noted that under certain circumstances, this visa can be converted to permanent residency permit.

Qualification/eligibility under this stream

  • Your Australian employer need to provide a nomination/sponsorship asking your presence in Australia
  • Such employer invariably must be either a qualified sponsor/approved Australian Employer
  • You need to take your English proficiency test to prove your language skills through authorized agency
  • You need to provide medical certificate
  • A conduct certificate needs to be attached with the application from your local police body

4 pathways have been defined under this stream

  • 1. Short term Stream
  • 2. Medium Term Stream
  • 3. Labour Agreement Stream
  • 4. Subsequent Entrant Stream

Short Term Stream

  • Period of stay under Short term stream – 2 years to 4 years.
  • You can travel to and fro into Australia during the period of the validity of this VISA Program
  • You need to earn nomination from your employer to apply for this program.
  • This Visa can be converted into PR Visa Program
  • It is important that your job profile is part of Australia’s current list of Short term job openings
  • You will have to provide documents proving your job experience for a minimum of 2 years in the same domain
  • You need to provide education and skill assessment documents while submitting your application.
  • You cannot switch jobs with this program.
  • You will have to take up your English fluency assessment test with one of the authorized agency

Medium Term Stream

  • Medium term stream addresses job vacancies which demand a longer stay of the employees
  • Period of stay –minimum 4 years. Extendable for another 2 years.
  • You can apply for PR Visa
  • You can study in Australia with this program.
  • You are authorized to travel as would be required to and fro Australia with this Visa till its validity.
  • A nomination needs to be provided by your Australian employer
  • It is important that your job profile is part of the medium and long term skilled occupations list.
  • Provide employment certificate proving atleast 2 years of domain experience
  • Provide skills and education assessment certificate
  • You will be employed only under the employer who nominated you.
  • You need to take English language Proficiency test with any of the authorized agencies
  • Medical Certificate and certificate proving your clean background needs to be provided
  • Process time- less than 2 months

Labor Agreement stream

  • Employees of all those employers who are part of the Labout agreement can avail this stream.
  • Period of stay in Australia – 4years
  • You can study in Australia with this stream
  • You can travel to and fro from Australia as would be needed, unhindered until the validity of the visa
  • Your nomination should be based on the job specifications bound by the terms laid as per the Labour agreement
  • You need to provide work experience of atleast 2 years in the same domain.
  • You need to provide education assessment certificates
  • You need to take up English language proficiency test through any of the authorized agency
  • You will be working for the same employer who nominated you and will not be able to shift jobs under this program.

Subsequent Entrant Stream

This is an add-on scheme for the dependents and immediate family of the SubClass 482 visa holders.

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