Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry

Both in area and in population, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada. Shortly known as PEI, this island, its landscape speaks richly about its heritage and culture. In fact the economy of PEI is also based on its cultural heritage. This province is worldwide known for its beauty. Tourism, Agriculture are the backbone of economy for PEI. PEI PNP or Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is the pathway for the aspirant immigrants to relocate to PEI. This is an Express Entry Program.

This booming economy, needs that you, the aspirant should submit your Expression of Interest to enter the province online through their official portal. The aspirants can apply under three major categories under this program

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labour Impact Category
  • Business Impact Category

To qualify under this program, you should

  • have your profile in the Express Entry Pool
  • Have a job seeker code.
  • your code should be part of the current demand list
  • have a minimum score of 67 points to be eligible.

Defining factors for scoring points

  • age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Spouse Experience and Language Proficiency

Other Key points

  • If you are specific to move to PEI, then you should get your education evaluated through the PEI education board (this is not mandatory for all applicants. You will know more when you get in touch with one of our consultants)
  • It would be nice if you have a job offer or work experience pertaining to PEI. However, it is not mandatory requirement

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  • Language proficiency tests
  • Help till the point of getting your PR Visa
  • Post landing counseling
  • Post landing Job search assistance

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