XIPHIAS Immigration Services:

XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is global immigration service provider, recognizes and acknowledges that the world has transformed in to a global village. Keeping focal points at India’s fastest growing city Bengaluru and dynamic city Mumbai, XIPHIAS heads in many prominent cities of South India, Gujarat and Rajasthan. And, we understand, both individual and corporate houses directly or indirectly rely on global exchange of resources for advance in their endeavors. We believe on procuring brand and name by leaning with best service to our clients.

Now a days, due to dynamic guidelines issued by immigration administrative authorities of various countries, it is difficult for people to get assessed based on their skills, which again pertains throughout the documentation and processing.

A team of specialists guided by strong immigration lawyers and consultants, are only legally authorised to provide guidance and assistance to eligible candidates. XIPHIAS Immigration is only stop solution. We are into performance with triumph of zero rejection till date. Trust towards us get integrated after our eligibility assessment, where in we assure to take in only eligible profiles which could be representable for any immigration perspectives.

We all dream to be big, secured and lively. We always aim to explore something new driven at all angles. Simplified approach and distinct vision are enough to crack these dreams to reality by joining our hand for getting shown to world, where opportunities are enormous and life is great. With each success, we XIPHIAS rejoice and feel proud for helping individual and family to rise higher where sky has no limits.

We have proofed from over decade, that overseas opportunities has infinite shape. XIPHIAS makes you believe morning window view of moose and kangaroo, cold winter sports and Oz’s beaches. World is panorama and you deserve to explore each dimension of it. You live and we dream to inject life in it. A life headed with planned future and secured present. We guide and assist to design panacea for concealed immigration, which are unknown and invisible. Many countries and nations have created many vacuum holes for foreign immigrants by either sponsoring student or issuing visa to skilled worker and investors. These unordinary holes have huge inward force of suction, which grants immense opportunities, if you fit in their qualified and competent list. Hence, XIPHIAS Immigration is determined in providing excellent service under umbrella of best consultants and counselors to put you in to the force.

All are driving at pace of excellence, to hit each shore of countries. And, on second page unstoppable age pulls you one step back every year. We think in a lot, which in turn is enough to add one more step back. XIPHIAS assure you to provide transparency throughout the process, with excellent support in and out of process. We have achieved enlightenment by appointing strong and experienced legal consultants for United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, our firm documentation and processing team seamlessly provide tremendous amount of mileage to declare every client to be successful.

By choosing XIPHIAS Immigration, you are choosing your successful life.

Our success numbers are huge and every days it multiplies. Our testimonials are huge which dedicate gratitude to our work ethics and culture. XIPHIAS Immigration never thrive for numbers but for smart skills which could reach to successful career and life overseas, thus leading our flags all over globe.

Our consultants are smart and efficient to guide businessmen and investors league to invest overseas. Being successful organization and huge experience in business - investor class immigration, XIPHIAS understands each individual or entity motto to move beyond limits. We have distinct vision for them, to settle or expand their opportunities abroad. Towards lubrication to achieve their milestones, XIPHIAS constantly explore partners who can avail and provide transparent and lucrative investment programs. Our partnerships with land developers all over the globe are in great numbers, thus providing end to end solutions for any who moon to explore infinity.

XIPHIAS Immigration is one solution for:

  • Students having expression to achieve unimaginable goals
  • Eligible experienced skilled workers to go limitless
  • Eligible businessmen, entities or companies and individual to embark greatness for many generations

Our primary objective is to use our experience, immigration skills and technological resources to nullify anxiety and provide peace of mind while you and your organization take charge of more important matter of concern. XIPHIAS Immigration is vowed to provide specialized expertise, services and counseling with an exceptional standard of work ethics. Our macrocosmic pivot illustrates long lasting client relationships. Driven by a team of attorneys specializing in the field of employment, business laws, litigation and diplomatic relations, XIPHIAS Immigration is a multi-specialty immigration service firm that brings an extremely distinctive perspective to our valued client relationships.

Our registered immigration consultants comply with all the Code of Conduct of various government regulatory bodies to uphold our professional ethnics and protect our clients. For the Code of Conduct of these government regulatory bodies, please log on

Australia Government Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority


Migration Institute of Australia


Canada Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council


New Zealand Government Immigration Advisers Authority